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A new weight loss program specifically for patients who have a difficult time losing weight.

Superior to local weight loss clinics, Rock Hill OBGYN’s Weight Loss Program offers:

  • In-depth dietary advice by our registered dietitian, Lauren Henderson, MS, RD, LD.
  • Regular meetings with our physicians
  • Discounted memberships to the YMCA

Also, we are very aware of community resources that you might not be aware of that might prove to be very helpful to you.

Who Qualifies

Anyone may enroll in the program. When needed, we do offer medications to help with weight loss.

How To Get Started

Discuss the program with your physician. If he or she feels you would benefit, an appointment is made with Lauren Henderson, our registered dietitian (RD). Together, you and she will develop and design a specialized dietary program just for you.

If Lauren feels weight loss will be enhanced with medication, she will discuss this with you. You will be seen by one of our physicians who will help with goal setting and discuss the medication if it is indicated. You will be seen once a month for weigh-in and blood pressure check (if you are taking one of the medications). The physician will review your progress with you during the monthly check and rewrite prescriptions as needed.

Fee schedule for the Weight Loss Program:
Initial consultation – $175.00 (includes meeting with dietitian and an MD)
Follow-up consultations – $75.00 (usually 1 to 2 months apart, includes meeting with dietitian and an MD)
Does not include price of any medications. Those are purchased at the patients pharmacy of choice.

About the Medicines for Weight Loss

To help with weight loss, we will offer two medications that suppress the appetite. Both medications are stimulants that increase your metabolism.

  • Qsymia – is a new FDA approved medicine that maybe recommended.
  • Phentermine – is an older FDA approved drug that is also used.

Because these drugs are stimulants (Amphetamines) side effects may include elevated blood pressure and headaches. You will be given additional information about your medication. The FDA requires monthly appointments so that we can monitor your weight loss and blood pressure, and address any side effects from the medication.

Let us help you lose weight!

Ready to get started? Please contact us at 803-412-3432 or email lhenderson@rhgynob.com.